Individually designed homes as unique as you are

Dreaming of a custom home design for your Perth block?
At Parklyn Constructions we’ve got the design skills to bring your dream home to life.

We start by getting to know you

We’ll start the journey to your custom home design by getting to know you – your land, lifestyle and budget. We’ll also make a visit to your site, so we can see your views, orientation and layout for ourselves.

Then we explore your wish list

The next step is to dive into your dream home wish list. You’ve probably lived in (or have even built) other homes before, so you know better than anyone what you need, along with what you do and don’t like. We want to hear it all. We’ll take this information and draw up the plans for your individually designed home – it’ll be unlike any other, designed with your specific needs in mind.

We finish by designing your dream home – together

Once we’ve drafted your initial plans, you’ll have time to consider them in detail. And because we’re nothing if not flexible, you’ll have ample opportunity to make changes during the design and selection phases. While your approvals are with the council, our business manager Jenny Martin will personally guide you through the selection process.

With every new home we learn something new, so if you want to explore a new way of doing things, or have new materials you’d like to use, let us know. We want your build to be as cost effective as possible, and for your new individually designed home to stand out for all the right reasons – so don’t be shy about sharing your ideas.

Ready to start the journey to your new individually designed home?

Great, we can’t wait to get started. If you’re planning on building in the Perth metro, Perth Hills or surrounding areas, get in touch – we’d love to work with you. And if you’re still searching for inspiration, you can view some of our award winning individually designed Perth homes here.


We’re proud to say that Parklyn Constructions is genuinely Perth’s expert in framed homes.

Framed homes require a well thought out plan and a respect for the surrounding environment. These timber or steel homes are one a kind and are designed to fit in with the area they inhabit. It would not be too much to say that they are Roger’s pride and passion!

A home on a hill does not need to be full of stairs – far from it! In fact, many of the homes we have designed and built offer completely flat passage from the garage to the living spaces and accommodate our client’s need for easy access while still taking advantage of the amazing views.

During over 20 years experience of building framed homes in the Perth hills and other metropolitan suburbs we have developed many clever innovations to execute these special homes well. We are honoured to have received multiple awards for our framed homes and still further glowing testimonials from our clients.

Visit our gallery to see many examples of the stunning framed homes that we have built.

To build a quality framed home you should look no further than Perth’s expert – contact us today to begin making your dream a reality.


“We believe Parklyn Constructions deserve every accolade possible for their exceptional workmanship, exemplary customer service and unwavering support which will be forever remembered and appreciated.”


With over 25 year’s experience building through Perth’s metropolitan areas, we take great pride in creating traditional homes that are as individual as you are.

We custom design each home to suit your lifestyle and the requirements of your block, using our experience and our knowledge of the latest building methods to build a home that offers everything you need, meets your budget and is a one-of-a-kind design.

We can incorporate innovative building materials and clever energy efficiency features into your home. We also offer advice and support throughout every step of the process.


While we build a range of home styles, there is nothing that Roger enjoys more than the challenge of building on difficult or sloping sites. We don’t merely accommodate these sites – we actively pursue them!

In particular, Parklyn Constructions have vast experience building homes in the Perth hills, on sites with a gentle slope to sites where the home is up to 11 metres high.

We believe that a homes on sloping sites should do more than simply fit onto the block. Our aim is to blend the home into the surrounds, taking full advantage of the landscape and views and becoming a feature that reflects and improves the environment.

You can see many of our framed homes on the steep hills in areas like Roleystone, Kelmscott, Gooseberry Hill and Forrestfield.

Contact us to arrange for Roger to personally inspect your site and discuss your ideas.


The fundamental goal for all our designs is to create energy efficient homes. Working with Roger during the design phase, he will use his experience and knowledge of modern building practices to incorporate efficiency features into your home.

These energy efficient measures work in with the Perth climate and environment and can make your home more habitable and cost effective in the long run.

Because each of our homes is individually designed, we use different technologies in each one as best suits the purpose and layout of the home. These might include practices such as rainwater reuse, black and greywater re-use, solar power and aspects of passive solar design.

An award winning home, was given the judges comment below:

It was also evident from the orientation, coupled with holding tanks and grey water, and solar hot water unit made for a truly efficient house

HIA Western Australia Housing Awards, Judges Comments

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