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Custom Home Design


Individually designed homes as unique as you are

Dreaming of a custom home design for your Perth block?
At Parklyn Constructions we’ve got the design skills to bring your dream home to life.

We start by getting to know you

We’ll start the journey to your custom home design by getting to know you – your land, lifestyle and budget. We’ll also make a visit to your site, so we can see your views, orientation and layout for ourselves.

Then we explore your wish list

The next step is to dive into your dream home wish list. You’ve probably lived in (or have even built) other homes before, so you know better than anyone what you need, along with what you do and don’t like. We want to hear it all. We’ll take this information and draw up the plans for your individually designed home – it’ll be unlike any other, designed with your specific needs in mind.

We finish by designing your dream home - together

Once we’ve drafted your initial plans, you’ll have time to consider them in detail. And because we’re nothing if not flexible, you’ll have ample opportunity to make changes during the design and selection phases. While your approvals are with the council, our business manager Jenny Martin will personally guide you through the selection process.

With every new home we learn something new, so if you want to explore a new way of doing things, or have new materials you’d like to use, let us know. We want your build to be as cost effective as possible, and for your new individually designed home to stand out for all the right reasons – so don’t be shy about sharing your ideas.

Ready to start the journey to your new individually designed home?

Great, we can’t wait to get started. If you’re planning on building in the Perth metro, Perth Hills or surrounding areas, get in touch - we’d love to work with you. And if you’re still searching for inspiration, you can view some of our award winning individually designed Perth homes here.

"A collaborative design process"